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How common are User Researchers in the UX field of work?

Approximately 6% of people working in UX are User Researchers.

What do User Researchers do exactly?

User Researchers provide a deep understanding and insight of user behavior, needs and motivations. They offer feedback in all phases of the design process from project conception, to implementation, to development.

What are the responsibilities of User Researchers?

  • Conduct user and task analyses to identify opportunities to improve user experience;
  • Synthesize research findings into meaningful recommendations and actionable results.

How important are User Researchers?

They are essential to any team developing a website or app. User insights are needed to know whether or not your website or app is performing the way it should and in a way that suits the users needs. A happy user is a returning user. Happy users spend more money. They are essential for your success.

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Senior UX Researcher from the Netherlands. Owner of Brainpunch UX Research. Masters degree in Communication & Digital Media Research. 10+ years of expertise in the field of UX and usability testing. Runner, punk rocker, vinyl collector. Big fan of colorful designer socks.

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